• Mayor Bing is Waiting for God to Save the City

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    I’d like to share a parable, if I may, with a little Detroit twist.

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    Once upon a time, the city of Detroit was sinking under water. A flood had ravaged the city. And the mayor, a man named Dave Bing, sat atop the roof of city hall, waiting as the water continued to rise, for God to save him.

    As the water rose, a row boat pulled up and guy who went by the initials “EM”, aka Emergency Manager, shouted to Bing, “I’m here to save you, jump in.”

    “No, that’s Ok,” Bing responded. “I’m waiting for God to save me.”

    A little while later, a helicopter hovered up above. A ladder dropped down and a man named Rick Snyder yelled down: “Grab a hold, I’m here to help you.”

    “No thanks,” Bing responded. “I’m waiting for God to save me. Besides, you can’t just fly in here without a permit from the city.”

    Eventually the water got so high and Bing perished in the flood.

    When he got to heaven, Bing went to God and said: “God what happened? I waited and I waited. I thought you were going to save me.”

    God replied: “I tried. I sent you a row boat and I sent you a helicopter.”

    I bring this up only because I find it so incredulous that Mayor Bing is thumbing his nose at the state, which is trying to help.

    His misplaced pride is going to kill the city. Pride is going to keep the citizens in peril.

    It looks as if the mayor may be waiting for the hand of  God to save the city. The problem is, he may not recognize it when he sees it.

    Read the rest of this article by Allan Lengel on Deadline Detroit and more from him on Tickle the Wire

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