• Why GOP Loses: Confusion, Lies by Ian Bayne

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    Confusing statistics and lies from government officials creates an environment where liars are right and get rewarded.

    This is according to Ian Bayne, who was a brief advisor to the Romney gubernatorial campaign, former nominee for Massachusetts Republican Party chairman, and has a 90 second daily political commentary on radio.

    “Unemployment figures do not represent trueness in those who are unemployed, SEC filings say one thing about the financial health of a company while tax returns say another, and everything from toll roads to social security was passed into law based on a lie that these things were temporary,” said Bayne.

    “And we wonder why no one believes Republicans, it’s because lies have literally become truth.”

    Bayne warns that “joining the chorus” of liars will put the GOP in a subservient position to Democrats, who are considered the masters of deception, being that they were the inventors of all that is not logical in government.

    He says that Republicans need to insist on truth in government statistics, citing a Gallup poll showing 18% approval rating for congress, a clear contradiction from re-election statistics, and proof that the electorate has accepted that government is made up of liars.

    “Democrats lie, and lately Republicans lie, so people don’t like any government,” added Bayne, “everyone loved Reagan so much because he didn’t lie.”

    Bayne used the ‘housing boom’ as a way to prove that government lies targeted the private sector in order to cloak government’s incompetence.

    “We have a significant percentage of people who bought homes that a teenager with a basic knowledge of math could determine that they could not afford; however, government lending rules approved it,” added Bayne.”But people think it’s the private sector, so they’re conditioned to think everyone is incompetent, not just government.”

    Bayne, 38, is a syndicated talk host in 15 markets and based in Chicago. Previously, he was the founder and chairman of the 1,000 member Massachusetts Republican Society PAC from 1999 until 2002. He has served on numerous high profile efforts and campaigns in Massachusetts. He is also a licensed private investigator, real estate appraiser, and real estate broker. His official website is www.IanBayne.com.

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