• Popular Houston Stripper Suffers Miscarriage While Twerking On Stage?

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    Hot Houston stripper and sometimes-model Jhonni Blaze (pictured) reportedly had a miscarriage on stage while in the throes of twerking, the latest dance craze that involves moving the booty and hips in a vigorous up and down motion, according to the Examiner.

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    Last Wednesday, as the young performer was reportedly twerking on stage, she began to bleed profusely.

    When Blaze left the stage, witnesses allege, that she went in to a convulsion. The paramedics were immediately summoned, transporting her to the nearest emergency room, where she was reportedly given a transfusion.

    The self-described “pole assassin” and proclaimed “Queen of Houston” was reportedly treated for a miscarriage.

    Although Blaze has not officially confirmed the miscarriage, she did manage to tweet the day after the incident that she was in pain:


    < this is how my inside outside brain anything u can think of on my body feels right now _________flatline

     10:39 PM – 16 Jun 13

    Watch Blaze twerk here (NSFW):

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exwb3Qripu8%5D
    Blaze is known for her hourglass figure and profusely ample rear, and her stage antics have garnered her a huge following not only in her hometown but across the country.

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