• 24 Year Old Man Dies After Northland Mall Security Sits On Him [FULL VIDEO]

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    “It’s over bro… He’s out… He’s dead… I told you they gotta do that for looks.. He is been laying there for 20 minutes!”

    UPDATE:  The Greater Southfield Farmington Area NAACP is calling for a thorough investigation into McKenzie’s death.

    “We are asking that a thorough investigation occur in this tragic case,” according to NAACP President, Dr. Butler. “Too many of our young people are profiled because of their race,” she added. “As we saw with the Trayvon Martin case, our young black men are targeted and this must stop,” she added.

    A 24 year old man, Mackenzie Cochran,  is dead after he was pepper sprayed and restrained during a struggle with security at the Northland Center mall in Southfield.

    CrimeInTheD reports Northland Center Mall General Manager Brent Reetz stated the man had been loitering outside the LA Jewelry store and personnel were concerned.

    Fox 2 Detroit reports “mall security asked Cochran to leave. He returned to the mall Tuesday evening and threatened to kill someone. Security was called a second time, but police say Cochran appeared ready to assault someone and was breathing heavy with his fists clenched. Fearing for their safety, security officers pepper sprayed and restrained Cochran.”

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    The security guards claim they tried to talk with the man who they felt was not being cooperative, pepper spray was used to bring the situation under control.

    However bystanders report a different exchange. In the video below captured by Stewe of ViceTeam, you can see Cochran struggling under three mall security guards while yelling “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” To which one of the guards replied “If you can talk, you can breathe.”

    After speaking with Stewe, he stated that Cochran did not threaten security and after being asked to leave while window shopping at LA Jewelry, Cochran kept asking them, “I can’t look? I can’t look?”

    Stewe feels excessive force was used and went on to say Cochran was dead at the scene of the crime, contrary to police and security statements.

    “It’s over bro… He’s out… He’s dead… I told you they gotta do that for looks.. He is been laying there for 20 minutes!”

    Chuniq Inpower states, “I am appalled and disgusted with the unethical behavior of the Northland security guards in the handling of this situation. To inflict unwarranted and unnecessary force to this victim who was clearly in pain and discomfort from the chemicals used to restrain him is counterproductive and in this case, fatal. My wish is to see each officer reprimanded and prosecuted to the fullest extent of Michigan law in the untimely death of this young man.”

    Investigators are still awaiting the results of an autopsy.


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