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Instead of living life in a rut waiting for guys to make the first move, take charge of the bar, club, or cafe and show them timid is so last season! FlipMe Cards are the latest chic accessory for your dating life and a fun, flirty way to safely let men know they’re interested in more than just cocktail hour.

Here’s how it works. First, ladies pick the pack of FlipMe Cards that reflects their coquettish side. There are four compilations to choose from, and each features ten unique designs and flirtatious sayings to grab their guy’s attention. On the back of these cards is the giver’s personal FlipMe.com member id, and how the object of their affection can get in touch through the FlipMe website. All information is kept confidential on the site until the man that’s been “flipped” wants to get in contact and registers on FlipMe.com. Registration for him is always free.

Now that we’ve explained the cards, it’s time to take charge. Next, the woman selects the delicious hunk of man they would like to get to know better and approaches. She breaks out a FlipMe Card from their stylish, cosmetics-inspired case—it’s even got a mirror so she can make sure she looks her best first—and slides it over, catches his eye, and goes on her way. She’s taken charge of the situation, let him know she’s interested, and given him a way to get in contact without sharing her personal information.

FlipMe Cards give women confidence and allow them to make the first move tastefully and enticingly. If he’s interested he’ll get online, and if not she hasn’t wasted her time on another guy just trying to get her in the sack. They are the perfect accessory for stylish, single ladies everywhere.

FlipMe founder and CEO Rachel DeAlto launched the company in 2010. She has been hailed as an expert in dating and flirting and is altering the future of flirting one FlipMe Card at a time. She’s shared her experiences and wisdom on LXTV New York, Cosmo Girl Sirius Radio, and taught a class on flirting at the Learning Annex. Rachel plans on bringing her expertise to the literary market soon with her book I’m Hitting on You, Dumbass.

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