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State by state, Republicans are systematically – and successfully – changing voting laws in an effort to suppress the Democratic vote in the 2012 presidential election and oust President Barack Obama from the White House.

Thirty states now require all voters to show ID before voting at the polls. In 14 of these states, the ID must include a photo of the voter; in the remaining 16, non-photo forms of ID are acceptable. Some of the states that require or request ID for voting include Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

“African-American voters have to pay attention to their state voting laws because they may find some rude awakenings when they try to vote next year, particularly if they haven’t voted in any election since 2008,” Neil Foote, editor and co-founder of PoliticsInColor.com, told BlackAmericaWeb.com Wednesday.

“These new laws in several states may raise the hurdles for some, requiring government-issued IDs, which needs to be taken care of now – not on Election Day,” Foote said. “The sad part is that these rules are crudely designed to confuse, scare and hamper strong turnouts of African-Americans and Hispanics, a critical block of voters that President Obama will need to get re-elected.”

The new voting laws are part of a wave of new laws enacted by Republican-controlled legislatures this year. Supporters say the rules are needed to ensure honest elections.

But Democrats say it’s part of a concerted GOP campaign to suppress the vote. They say minorities, students, the poor and disabled — those most likely to vote Democratic — will be hurt the most.

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