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Previewing the GOP debate
Guest: Karl Rove
As another Republican debate was just about to begin in South Carolina, The Factor asked Fox News analyst Karl Rove how he would advise front-runner Mitt Romney.
“He has to strike a reassuring note,” Rove said.
“He has to say things about the Bain Capital attacks in such a way that people at the end of the night will say they can see him in the Oval Office. Even if his opponents don’t bring up the issue, Romney should bring it up. It’s a way for him to positively begin to lay the foundation for the general election.”
Rove also opined on the Democratic Party’s efforts to bring race into the campaign.
“The President runs the risk of not being reelected unless the African American community turns out to the degree it did in 2008, when he got 97% of a very large African American turnout.” The Factor countered that “by doing all of this race stuff, he alienates a lot of independents who voted for him the first time around.”

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