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The 6 Husbands Every Wife Should Have–By Dr. Steven Craig

Popular opinion holds that marriage fails when people change and many are taught to believe that changing themselves as part of their relationship is akin to “selling out” or turning themselves into a completely different and subservient person.  Thus, changing themselves seems both unhealthy and unwarranted. But all healthy people change as they mature. The person most spouses need their partner to be when they’re in their twenties is considerably different from the person they need their spouse to be in their thirties, forties, and fifties.  The truth is that it’s when people don’t change that they find themselves trapped in unhealthy marriages.  For a marriage to thrive, both spouses, over time, need to become six different people.

The 6 Husbands Every Wife Should Have (Simon & Schuster, Feb. 7, 2012) is written by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Steven Craig and provides men and women with a roadmap for how to be the mate their spouse needs.  It outlines each of the six different spouses mature partners become as they transition through the years and provides guidelines for how successful couples change their needs and expectations, modify their communication, transform their identities, change their activities and interests, and produce new ways of achieving intimacy through the years.

Dr. Craig’s 6 stages of marriage are:

·       Getting Started – evaluating your partner’s ability to perform maturely in a relationship and careful self-exploration.

·       Young Married Couple – re-examining core beliefs and long standing behavioral patterns.  Putting needs of relationship above individual needs.

·       Then Comes Baby – keeping up with changing needs of spouse and life together.  Attributes of past no longer needed or desirable.

·       Family Ties – coming into your own individual and resolving personal issues that have changed from being “your” problem to “our” problem.

·       Empty Nest – making the relationship the priority.

·       Golden Years – needing dependability, reliability and constancy, yet husband and wife are more self-focused than any other stage.

Dr. Steven Craig is located right here in Michigan.

Check out his website HERE for more information

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