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(Chicago 2/13/2012) IAN BAYNE, who “drafted” Romney for governor and served on the 2002 Romney gubernatorial campaign as the first county coordinator, author of “Romney Can’t Win in 2012” warns that Romney is about to “fall apart.”

“Mitt falls apart when he’s expected to defend the conservative position,” said Bayne. “The pressure is on.”

“In 2002, when he was expected to be the conservative choice facing an incumbent establishment liberal governor in a primary, Mitt was literally hiding, no one knew where the guy was.”

Bayne helped rally conservative primary delegates around Mitt by announcing a Draft Romney effort and appearing on local news channels and CNN the very next day. “And when the delegates had all pledged to Romney, the incumbent governor resigned from the primary and Romney started showing up in the campaign office,” said Bayne.

Bayne added that the last time he was expected to defend conservatism, in 1994, Romney was reduced from a front runner to a stuttering embarrassment during the first Romney-Kennedy debate as he abandoned any conservative position and spoke of mandates for businesses to hire minorities and how he supports abortion, agreeing with Senator Kennedy on most issues.

“He was at his best in a liberal state being a moderately liberal candidate for governor against an extreme left wing Democrat,” said Bayne. “His consultants want him to replicate that win as a liberal candidate against an extreme left wing Obama, they didn’t want him to have to be in the position of proving himself conservative.”

“If he’s expected to defend himself as a conservative, he will fall apart, just like in 1994,” said Bayne. “If he continues to lose primaries, he will panic.”

Bayne also worked with Newt SuperPAC chairman Rick Tyler back when Tyler was Newt’s communication director and working for GOPAC. Ian Bayne has a short feature conservative commentary syndicated on 14 stations nationally. He is a former political consultant.

For further questions Ian can be reached at his website Ian Bayne Radio Program & Right Direction

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