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A major twist in a lot of Detroit wrong turns

DETROIT -Anyone who has spent time recently within earshot of Detroit City Council member JoAnn Watson knows what’s coming.

Her constant, broken record style, high decibel verbal drumbeat has been to decry the state of Michigan at every turn. She can and does 20 emotional minutes as if in a revival meeting on how Michigan reneged on a deal cut in 1997 between then Gov. John Engler and Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer. It gave the city roughly $270 million dollars a year in revenue sharing funds in exchange for reducing its city income tax rates. She points out that is roughly the number that would keep Detroit out of financial trouble for this year and prevent the need for an emergency manager.

She says any discussion of Detroit’s inability to pay its bills would disappear if the state would simply pay its bills, like a quarter of a billion dollars owed to the citizens of Detroit. She even persuaded Mayor Dave Bing to make the same loud argument in his memorable afternoon news conference inside City Hall last month.

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